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HIWIN linear bearings

Hiwin is the amalgamation of two established manufactures, one a German ballscrew plant established in 1975 and the other, the Finest Ballscrew Company from Taiwan who ws established in 1981. The acquisition gave rise the the HIWIN Technologies Corp. Hiwin's product offering includes;

  • Ballscrews
    • Precision Ground
    • Rolled
    • RBS Stock/Drawing List
    • X-Y Retrofit Kit
    • Retro Fit Kit
    • Stock/Drawing List
    • E1 Self lubricating option
    • R1 Rotating nut design
    • High load designed from E1 series
    • Cool type (forced cool fluid)
  • Single axis robots
    • Single Axis Robot KK slider (KK40, KK50, KK60, KK86, KK100)
    • KS Type Single Axis Robots equipped with a dust-proof strip (KS-P, KS-S)
    • Single Axis Robot KA actuated by a motor-driven ballscrew and guided by a linear guideway (KA10, KA14, KA18)
  • Linear Motors
    • Synchronous
      • LMS (Iron-core)
      • LMC (Coreless)
      • LMKPCI4P (Indexer Card)
    • Customized
      • X-Y Stage
      • Gantry
      • Cabling
    • Servomotors
      • LMSP (Planar Type)
      • LMDX (for LMSP)
      • TMS
  • Ballscrew Repair
  • Linear Actuators
    • LAN series (LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4)
    • LAM series (LAM1, LAM3)
    • LAS series (LAS1/2, LAS3,LAS4)
    • Accessories (Keypads, Controllers, Over Current Protection Boxs)
  • Linear Guideways
    • RG sereis high regidity roller type
    • HG sereis heavy load ball type
    • EG sereis low profile ball type
    • MG sereis miniature ball type
    • IG sereis intelligent linear guideway
    • Q1 low noise self lubricating option
    • SE heat resistant option
    • E2 self lubricating option
    • Dust proofing option
    • LG series
    • AG series
  • Rotary Tables
  • Linear bushings

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