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NB linear bearings

Founded in 1939 NB is recognised as one of the worlds well known Japanese linear bearing brands. NB has invovated new idea in the linear bearing field right from it's inception and continues to grow it's range of linear products.

  • Slide Guides
    • SEB-A/SEB-WA/SEB-B Type
    • SER Type
    • GL Type
    • SGL/SGL-H Type
    • SGL-HYF/HYE Type
    • SGL-HTEX Type
    • SGW Type
    • SGW-TF Type
  • Topball Products
    • TK Type (metric)
    • TK Unit (metric)
    • TW Type (inch)
    • TW Unit (inch)
  • Stroke Bush
    • SR Type
  • Slide Way
    • NV/NVT Type
    • SV/SVW Type
    • SVT/SYT Type
    • SYBS Type
  • Slide Screw
    • SS Type
  • Ball Spline Stroke Ball Spline
    • Ball Spline and Keyless Ball Spline
    • Stroke Ball Spline
  • Slide Bush
    • GM/GMF/GMK/GMT Type (Asian metric series)
    • SM Type (Asian metric series)
    • SMF/SMK/SMT Type (Asian metric series)
    • SM G-L/SMK G-L Type (Asian metric series)
    • TRF/TRK Type (Asian metric series)
    • KB Type European metric series
    • KBF/KBK Type European metric series
    • GW Type inch series
    • SW Type inch series
    • SWF/SWK Type inch series
    • KBT/SWT Type inch series
  • Slide Rotary Bush
    • SRE Type
    • RK Type
  • Gonio Way
    • RVF Type
    • RV Type
  • Rotary Ball Spline
    • Rotary Ball Spline
  • Slide Unit
    • Block Type metric series
    • Shaft Support metric series
    • Assembled Unit metric series
    • Block Type inch series
    • Shaft Support inch series
  • Slide Shaft
    • SN Type metric series
    • SNW Type inch series
    • SFW Type inch series
  • Actuator
    • BG Type

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