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NSK linear bearings

NSK is probably regarded as one of Japan's finest manufacturers of linear bearing products. For many years engineers worldwide have held NSK linear products in high regard and for good reason. The NSK Linear product range has the linear motion components and linear guide systems to solve virtually any standard and demanding linear motion challenges. A summary of the product range can be found below.

  • Ballscrew
    • HMC - E3219 Series
    • WFA - E3220 Series
    • PR/LPR - E3228B Series
    • BSS - E3229B Series
    • Compact FA - E3230 Series
    • V1 - E3233 Series
    • HTF - SRC ESP050922 Series
  • Monocarrier Linear Actuator
    • MF Series
    • MCM 02, 03 ES416 Series
    • MCM E3412B Series
    • MCH E3415 Series
  • Linear Guide
    • Miniature PU/PE Series - E3327B
    • Roller Guide RA - E3328 Series
    • Contaminated Environments V1 Series
    • LA Series
    • LE Series
    • LH Series
    • LS Series
    • LW Series
    • Miniature LH Series
    • S1 Precision Series
    • Transglide Series
  • Robot Module MR Series
    • MR Series- Robot

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