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SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings

Often regarded as the grandfarther of linear bearing technology, Schneeberger have since 1923 been bringing high quality precision linear bearings to the market place. Schneebergers production capacity and ability to create special custom solutions for difficult and complex linear requirements have a world class following. Their rnage is as follows;

  • Linear bearings and recirculating units
    • MONORAIL (type BM and BR)
    • MINIRAIL (MINIRAIL standard and MINIRAIL wide)
    • Linear Bearings (type R with balls, R with rollers, RN with rollers, RNG with rollers, N/O with needles, M/V with needles)
    • Recirculating Units (type SK, SKD, SKC, SR)
  • Slides, Tables and Stages
    • Slides (type ND, NDN, NK, NKL, MS, NE)
    • Tables and Stages (type NFM, NH)
  • Guideways with integrated measuring system
    • MONORAIL AMS absolute
    • MONORAIL AMS long
    • MONORAIL AMS incremental (type AMSA-30, AMSA-3A, AMSA-4A, AMSD-3A, AMSD-4A)
    • MINISCALE (type standard and wide)
  • MINIMODULE, linear and rotary modules
    • MINIMODULE (Tooth belt drive MINIMODULE, Ball screw drive, Linear motor drive, Pneumatic drive)
    • Linear module with linear actuator (type ALM, ALS)
    • Rotary module with rotary stage (type ARS-H. ARS-S)

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