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THK Linear motion systems provide linear guidance for machine tools, robots, semiconductor production applications, precise measuring machines, medical devices, computer controlled machines and systems for many other industry sectors. For linear movements in narrow places, under heavy loads, for high accuracy positioning in the mechanical engineering or in the automation industry, a linear motion system can be found in the THK product range.

  • Caged Ball LM Guide (SCR, SHS, SHW, SNR, SRS, SSR)
  • Caged Roller LM Guide (SRG, SRN, SRW)
  • Caged Ball Ballscrews (HBN, SBK, SBN)
  • Linear Actuator (KR, SKR, CKR, CRES, GL, VLA)
  • Miniature LM Guide (RSR, MX, ER, RSR 1 and 2)
  • Linear Motion Guide (HSR, SR, HRW, NR, CSR, JR, GSR, FBW and FBL, HR, JUP)
  • Ballsplines (LBS, LT and LF, LTR)
  • Cross Roller Bearings (RA-C, RB and RE, RB/R-USP, RU)
  • Ballscrew Spline (BNS)
  • R Guide (HCR, HMG)
  • Bushes (LM)
  • Link Balls (BL)
  • Special Purpose LM Guides (RSR, M1. M2)
  • Ground & Rolled Ballscrews (EBB/EPB, BLK, BNFN, BNF, MTF, Support units EK/BK/FK/EF/BF and FF)
  • Machine Elements
    • CAM Follower
    • Cross Roller Guide VR & VB
    • Cross Roller Table VRT/VRT-A/VRU
    • Linear Bushes LME/LM/LMF/LMK/LMH/SC
    • LM Stroke
    • Miniature Stroke MST
    • Roller Follower NAST/RNAST/NART
    • Spherical Bearing
  • Micro LM Systems (BN, LT, RSR1/2)

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