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THOMSON linear bearings

Danaher Motion (the parent company of Thomson) engineers, manufactures a precision range of the world's top brands of mechanical and electro-mechanical products. The product range includes;

  • Linear Bearings and Guides
    • Linear Ball Bushings
    • Linear Speciality Bearings
    • 60 Case LinearRace Shafting
    • RoundRail Guide Systems
    • Profile Rail Guides
  • Ball Screws and Lead Screws
    • Ball Screws
    • Lead Screws
    • Thomson Precision Ball Spline Systems
    • Bearing Supports
  • Linear Motion Systems
    • Ball Screw Driven: Ball Guided Units
    • Ball Screw Driven: Slide Guided Units
    • Ball Screw Driven: Wheel Guided Units
    • Belt Driven Ball: Guided Units
    • Belt Units: Slide Guided
    • Belt Driven: Wheel Guided Units
    • Linear Lifting Units
    • Linear Rod Units
    • Handling Components
  • Actuators
    • Linear Actuators
    • Precision Linear Actuators
    • Worm Gear Screw Jacks

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