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Kahr - Aerospace Bearings

Kahr spherical bearingsWith 45 years if experience in lined and metal-to-metal sliding bearings, Kahr (part of Sargent Controls) provides one the most competitive products for extreme applications. Probably most famous for its Kahr-LonŽ liner system, Khar bearings have used this and many other of their own liner systems to reduce wear and component fatigue in applications such as helicopter pitch change bearings, stabilization bearings, tail rotor bearings and many other arduous applications.

Kahr have been at the forefront of many retrospective design jobs where older components are proving too costly and more effective longer lasting components are required.

Kahr rod end bearingsKahr's engineering expertise has been built on years of experience working with customers such as Bell, Sikorsky, NASA and Boeing to name just a few.

The Kahr product range covers:

  • Spherical Bearings
    • Standard Mil-Spec series
    • Lined
    • Metal to Metal
    • Entry slot
  • Bushings (Journals)
    • Standard Mil-Spec series
    • Lined
    • Metal to Metal
    • Gland nut types

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