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RMB bearings specialise in high performance minature bearings. Covering both deep groove and angular contact types, RMB bearings are typically used in applications such as gyro, sports, dental and instrumentation.

RMB Bearings have for many years concetrated on the high quality precision end of the bearing market. Like other minitaure bearing manufacturers, RMB has its own bearing nomanclature system which has to be denoted carefully in order to arrive at the correct bearing for your application.

When specifiying a bearing for a new or exsisitng project but you do not know the part number please make sure you have the folling inforation availabe:

1) Ring and ball material required (ie steel, s/steel or ceramic)
2) Size (Bore, outside diameter and width)
3) Format, ie striaght outise diameter or flanged
4) Degree of precision required, ie ABEC 5, 7, 9 etc
5) Radial clearance required
6) Lubrication required (oil, grease and what type)

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