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Sarma Aerospace Bearings

Sarma Bearings Sarma is one of Europe’s primary aerospace bearing manufacturers for civil and military requirements. Since 1975, Sarma have been part of SKF and also own a subsidiary aerospace bearing manufacturer by the name of Ampep. Sarma’s aerospace product range is split over three areas.

  • Struts and rods for flight control systems (both metallic and composite constructions)
  • Ball, roller and spherical plain bearings
  • Linear and rotary actuators and force transducers
Sarma have extensive research and development facilities offering maximum performance with minimum weight. Their involvement has stretched to virtually all primary aerospace construction programs worldwide including the likes of the Boeing 777 production, the entire Airbus family of aircraft, many Eurocopter aircraft, Fokker, Embraer, Dassalt and many other high profile demanding projects.

Sarma Aerospace Bearings Sarma has kept at the forefront of customer requirements by implementing many new features including EDI (Electronic Data Interchnage) and advanced bar coding solutions. Sarma are committed to continual improvement of its products and services for new projects and the support of existing flight platforms.

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