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Linear Bearings

ball screw bearings Linear bearings come in a wide verity of formats but they can be broken down into two basic groups, ball screws and linear guides/bushings. Both types help transfer motion in a linear format.

Ball screws

Ball screws comprise fundamentally of a threaded shaft where upon a nut can transverse along its axis. Shaft and nut configurations can and will vary between different manufacturers and applications but the principals and methods of construction are fundamentally the same. For further more detailed information on ball screw types, click here.

Linear guides

ball bearing The phrase “linear guides” covers a wide verity of products but essentially it describes all bearing products which are guided via a rail/shaft of some form. Like their ball screw counter parts, construction methods are broadly similar but there is more interchangeability between brands. For more information click here.

Typical linear bearing manufacturers include.

INA, IKO, STAR, NSK, HIWIN, Thomson, Rollon, THK and SKF

For linear guide products

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For ball screw products

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